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domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

[BLS]Melissa destroys THESEXIESTMAN

Has been lot of time since melissa wanted to take revenge for all the BLS nerdy guys... and today she really got it. I was thiking that i can take this challenge very easly because my new skills from speedpig, but the true is that melissa can be fat,pie-eater, ugly and smelly but shes a very nice UT player. At least that they were cheating, but nevermind little mellisa wins and like i always say... thats what it counts.

2 Games Mellisa Won on Deck 16 and Liandri.
Screenshots: (Not aviable now!)

After play Mellisa, yozoy challenges to 1 vs 1 and he wins the first game, but the final score was 3 games to 3... a draw. (This was his second rematch thats why i will not put the score on my records).
By the way.. Mellisa is the girl from da pic.

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  1. lmao noob! If meli would ever see you, she would slap you to the ground with her handbag and taking a baseball bat to slap your balls to hell that u can never fuck anymore ^^

    btw Melli is hot..