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jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

{DARK}MHAD|Scout Be careful dudes this guy is fucking WEIRDO!!!

So.. this noname loser called Scout result to be a fucking gay pussy ass on the SPEEDPUG. This guy is a real weirdo, he send me lots of hearts on the chat !!! hes gay but thats ok but he wanted to be my friend and be my lover!! Hahaha yes, and when i say that im gona put our conversation on my blog he just goes crazy.

Here are the Screen of this pathetic geek chating on da speedpug.


Some kick ass things he say:

"You say some very hateful things on your blog, do you actually mean those words.?"

"We could be friends, it was never my intention to ban you, ."

"My heart is broken"

"Let me tell you a secret, speedpug people like it when you joke :) and this is a joke"

"Since i have something to post on my blog that ur gay and u have some, lets not since we are even. Deal Deal Deal????? "

"Apologize to BLS to ciro, yozoy and mellisa"

The conversations turns very weird so thats some of the most funniest things of this fucking clown hahaha.

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