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domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

The equipment of THESEXIESTMAN

Hi, here is again the legend musician and player from the game UT.
I come here to show you my equipment the one i use to play this game...
I recently change my banned xbox 360 for a kick ass laptop and now im always playing on the Lap, but is realy hard to play UT and im sucking at my 1 vs 1 since i have it so let me show you the stuff:

Is a Laptop Acer Aspire 3690 and runs very fucking kick ass, actually much better than my other PC.

The lights looks very funny and good like on christmas times.

And here you can see my kick ass football mouse my laptop and my PSONE. 8-)

Now let me show you were it all begins.

This is the PC i use for almost 10 years (I barely can remember the day that dad buy it)... is an Olivetti with 40 Gb and 250 Ram. Play unreal on this pc is very hard cos the game starts very slow... you must wait at least 5 minutes until the game is close. But yes... on that pc is were THESEXIESTMAN kick your asses cos actually i never lose on that PC a 1vs1 match.

The monitor of the Olivetti was fucking horrible so i buy this LG Flatron L1718S like 5 years ago... was expensive on that times.

Finally the great ideas of THESEXIESTMAN comes from things like this:
(The jazz album of course)

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