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lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009


Im gonna tell you a history dogs... the TS MADMAX history.

Some people realy dont know who is this psycho loser... well he is the guy from the pic and former admin of TS SERVER MAPVOTE. But thats not all, TS MADMAX is a fucking racist piece of shit that dont like Mexicans or Latinos... His realy mad with the world cos no one respect this dickface.

I think this guy realy got big big traumas... because when i put the pic of this guy on my famous blog he goes totally mad and he bans me from the TS forums, his 7 servers and the Team Speak. But thats not all... he bans the person that ask`s me if i can join the clan -TS- (by the way his latino too) and some other guy i dont know for what reason...

Like you can see ... yes there are a lot of racist stupid people on this world and yes... there are lots of little ugly geek losers trying to be something behind the monitor of the PC just because they got "something" where they can feel a little superior cos on real life they`re just a fucking weak loser.

Two words for you MADMAX: FUCKING PATHETIC!!

If this guy is a big loser at life he sucks even more on the game, TS is realy going down why do you think they call me to help this guys??... maybe MADMAX gets more angry when i say NO to his clan after he was bitching on forums.

I have to say too that when i was out of TS server no one realy plays there... you see that 1 month ago, and i just comeback and for some reason the server is always full.

This not end`s here cos you know... i was not breaking the rules, cheating or fucking up the game this shit was personal and thats not the TS way... you better start dOIng something bitch cos when i talk with someone you gona be so fucked up crap loser.
Here are all the screens and the words that MADMAX says to me:

nice blog BTW i admin 7 server youre banned on all for the good.
Nice blog sexiestman. 2 bad youre not as smart as you like to th...

Teamspeak: Your ip was banned

TS FORUMS: You Have been permanently banned. Remove all crap off blog and well think about

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  3. -|Ts|-MADMAX dijo...

    IM A RACIST you dirty mexican why do you put my pic mother fucker ! BTW i am gay can i suck your dick please mr sexiestman fuck me on my holes and i will un banyou from my 7 servers that nobody plays

  4. ql feo ...las cago jaja