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jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

Running Horizonts...

Now you can follow TSM in hes adventure in ROSEANES BUM server and forums, watch him smack up the shit of the nerds and show your support to the legend.

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FireWarrior wrote:
What is the name of the guy whose pictures THESEXIESTMAN uses as his own?Also, he said he has a Wikipedia page, but he never posted it. This makes one think that THESEXIESTMAN is actually an actor or a prankster or a troll who does things just to get people to react negatively to him and get angry at him and to write mean things to him on his web pages. It seems he just wants to cause trouble, the way internet trolls cause trouble.

Ok child, the wikipedia link has been erased by some punks that try to funk up my legacy, second youre the ones who are calling me out for respondes and in my blog i never wanted to be a star but the people make it and now i have a compromise with all those kids and old people that stills want a reason to live, im getting lots of emails from people from Japan telling me marvelous things to make me wana train day by day, i defend the rights of the mexicans in lots of websites and i just come here and beat your nerd asses too... i mean you all are working fixing computers and shiz like that, and wearing glasses... Im not like you son.

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  1. Why would you smack someone's shit? That sounds disgusting and degrading to you and not them lol.


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