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lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

TSM: Training Update

So far my skills are getting improved at the speed of light, in 3 months of training i beat players that play this game since 5 even 7 non-stop years ( Wingless,Brock, Thereisno_Spoon, Lineth, Ryu,Debian, Viper and lots more) .

Im learning and learning about this game, but the objetive is done. I mean i dont wana end like guys like FLUX or ULTRANOOBA, they quite social life sports and dates with chicks for beign the number 1 in this game, something that is very pathetic (No offense).

Im a reporter in real life, and i can see how this guys spend all the day reading the MIRC stuff and waiting for a pug to begings, is a lifestyle kind of sad but i guess everyone chose his own path.

For 4 Months i learned to live like this people ... Most of they, very, very scarry and fucked up middle age people, specially when all they can be fooled so easy .

To all my followers i say hi and farewell... we see you soon.


Challenges can be done in 1 week 4 months 10 years or even a whole life.

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