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miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010


After almost a month of vacations in LAS VEGAS and other stuff, i just comeback to the fields, training from time to time in the publics and playing a little in MIRC CHANNEL SPEEDPUG... i play 4 pugs and i won it all, coincidence? i dont think so....

Like i was not able to writte in my blog or check my Youtube comments im gona show you a new section, thats right this new section is gona show my old LP`S collection with a maybe a little review and more stuff...

You can wait for it so far to all the fans around the world i will like to show some stuff that i buy recently.

First i buy some new bocines, this great Home Teater System for watch all my great concerts and movies, is called Sony Dav-dz20 5.1(dolby Pro-logic Ii / S-master) and i but it very cheap 120 dollars in the streets.

The sound is perfect maybe not so hard but i dont give a shit if the mirrors doesnt broke, i just want quality sound.
Second, i but 2 new LPS for my musical collection...

Napalm death: Harmony Corruption a fucking instant classic from 1990 for the Death/GrinD music.

And the other is from the Prog Rock masters King crimson... A 2 lp personal selection of the mastermind R. Frip.

So far thats all i have been realy bussy but be sure of check out TSM blog and the new stuff... dont forget to see my predicition of this saturday Main event of boxing MAYWATER VS SHANE MOSLEY. Whos knows maybe that same day i make an official match too!

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