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lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

TSM Press Conference

Hiya there people, i wana show you an update of how things are going up, i have recibed lots i mean lots of questions about my actual status in the fields.

This are the questions from the TSM last press conference.

1.- TSM is thinking in the retirement?

Tsm Answers: Certantly, like i say in the last post`s in roseanes bums forums... i have do it all in this game won 2 leagues, make an unique style of playing at CTF attack, Inspired to lots of people to use my same Skin in the game, In mexico all the kids wana do things like me and be like me when they grow up, i was in the Japanese Tv at UTV, i make my own Youtube channel, In Mirc was the most famous player with almost 11 specs in everysingle 1vs1 match, i created the Mexican Team of ut, Make a blog, They make my own INGAME Texts, They own my own MIRC channel, They make lots of videos tributes for me, They make my own Tshirts, I make my recetes for the fans, they take my pics in the streets, They make my own bio at Wikipedia and Some other shitty website, They keep almost all what i say like 200 quotes, I founded 2 clans,and most important i have a record of 56 wins and only 7 loses, and the people still is learning about me... And now answering the question, i dont think the retirement is soon unless Gameservers.com stop running UT Servers.

2.- What happend in Mirc why you dont go there anymore?

TSM Answers: I have another 3 professions besides be a professional UT player, sometimes i got no time to log into Mirc and wait 40 minutes for a game, but actually i almost log everyday just that like i say before i dont like to wait anymore and i go to the publics, there was troubles with the people from #Tdmpickups get banned for 1 week, and my honour is most important that any shit mirc channel. #Speedpug is my lair now, you can find me there when i play Pugs.

3.- Where TSM has been playing lately?

TSM Answers: Well, i have been playing a lot in TS Mapvote CTF and Rot Dm Servers, i think the game is very exciting and funny (Drinks Water), i make my return too the first UNREAL and sometimes there are very good DM Online games.

4.- When is gona be the next 1 vs 1 official match?

TSM Answers: Look, i need training, my skills are very low at this moment since i think my record is perfect now and i need a rest from 1 vs 1 duels, unless just some locals fights nothing big. I want Sober or maybe some other latino prick.

5.- Whats the next step and the next quest of the sexiestman?

TSM Answers: (Drinks Water), Thats a good question, the next objetive is to make the UT Training camp, specially for all my followers and WoW clan members, is gona be like Videos teaching you special teqniques and UT secretes for become the champion and one of the top`s.
In the fields, the next objetive is just to have some fun like always playing from time to time in Mirc from time to time in da publics, and waiting for the new Roseanes Bum Server.

6.- What do you say to all the people in the world that follows you?

TSM Answers: I just go time for one more question sorry, the message is clear, follow the eagle of freedom, follow what the heart says and listen to the messages of the nature,the river is the greatest master when youre in troubles. To the People in Japan, Finland, Venezuela, Brasil, USA, England, Germany and all my followers i say see you soon and farewell. The objetives are done, we won 2 belts and we beat the toghtest enemyes in this game. Thanks for you time.

The press conference is gona appear soon with pics in ESPN magazine website.

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  2. man, the irc is not the same without you! and yes we miss you! like NFRS said above

  3. stupid spic, go kill yourself