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lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

TSM VS CIRO The last confrontation

This was the last official match im gona have with ciro because is almost ridiculous play the same guy 6 times but he challenges me and i never say no to a duel.
At the begining i was a little nervous but i remember the lessons from my profesors, i won all 3 maps and was a really easy challenge going even Rampage on Ciro...
After my game againts Ciro, Sly challenge us to do 2 vs 1 he take Dm without problems but when we play CTF he ragequit 3 Times... and we even change to his server with his own rules.
After this sad episode he cleans hes name a little owning TSM, CIRO and Speedy in a 1 vs 3 Dm deck 16.

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