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martes, 27 de julio de 2010

Another quick update

I wana say hi and thanks to the followers who visit this blog everysingle day... has been a year of TSM blog, a year of great matches and a year of meet very weird but cool friends and people.

It is difficult to accept and realize that this game is dying with the years and you have to wait lots of time until a game starts, you see everyday the same people in the game and maybe that gets repetitive too quickly. Latinos just are knowing the game but belive me, latinos are not the future of this game...

Saying that and waiting until a miracle happend i will keep playing my xbox 360, i just buy 2 new games... The first Doom and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Both games can be played online, and the people is always there at anytime. Doom 1 and UT99 are my favorite videogames.

If you wana play add me to your account in xbox live with my gametag: Metalnation... Im changing it in this week to THESECSIESTMAN.

See you soon and farewell my sons.

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