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sábado, 10 de julio de 2010

TSM VS SUGA Family troubles

Is hard when you play one of your friends, specially cos you can hurt him if you push to much... In this match all the family issues was left behind for have a real wild fight as the gang of lions, there was a point of the match 3--6 when Suga put his hand downs and i get my frags with intelligence and perfect shoots.. At the end i was like the fenix burning all the things in front of my face and everysingle shoot i give it hits in the enemy.

The match goes to sudden death for like 6 non-stop action minutes, and in the last attack he try to strikes like an eagle from the skyes but this latino snake is too quickly and he gets owned well by the boxes when he shoot his missiles from the air making himself a suicide for the TSM`s win.

As can you see in the pic i get scared of his air attack but i was ready for throw my shocking ball and make the combo for the kill.

The match was for the TDMPICKUPS belt and i think was my best 1 vs 1 so far... i just hope someone got the demo

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