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martes, 26 de abril de 2011

TSM CHAMPION Victorious once again! nucky vs tsm

See all started when this "Old school player" Champion at Ra and Mlut upcoming star challenges me to a duel 1 vs 1, he says he beat me at RA on the old times, but that never happend cos i dont even play RA... So this shit disrispectfull kid send me lots of messages wanted a duel 1 vs 1 official match.

I accepted yes, like a man and we get in the server. The dumbfuck pick liandri, and i say "This is your map pick?" he says "We are only Playing 1 map" and i say then lets play a regular map like Deck 16 i waited so long until he says "LETS DO ONLY DECK" so we vote the map. I Control the match from begging to end, taking belts, waiting times and shooting with perfection and almost not one single shoot was missed.

After this the loser guy start to talk crap on Mirc channels, giving the excuse " NOW LETS PLAY SECOND ROUND" i just laught and have fun of this disrispected wanabe cocksucker noob face. Was easy not much too say, just to prove who lies and who says always the truth here are the proves.

nucky> Yo your blog is fuckin ugly
nucky> Because
nucky> it looks fake
MISTERSEXISMAN> noob 1 vs 1 official?
nucky> ur mom? is rat fcuked in the ass ?

MISTERSEXISMAN> should i give u an ip direction?
nucky> ROFL.
MISTERSEXISMAN> yes or no pathetic garbage
nucky> rofl.
nucky> You are Newb material
MISTERSEXISMAN> youre a newb material
MISTERSEXISMAN> u talking with a legend
nucky> ;D
MISTERSEXISMAN> i have my own server
nucky> u legend too?
MISTERSEXISMAN> my own channel
MISTERSEXISMAN> youre a noname
nucky> You are a true warrior bra!@
MISTERSEXISMAN> a fucking loser attention freak
nucky> Rofl.
nucky> RaMPAGEd
nucky> Gimme ip
MISTERSEXISMAN> wow u got balls
MISTERSEXISMAN> is this an official match?
nucky> go
MISTERSEXISMAN> official or no?
nucky> dude its official ill rape ur ass
MISTERSEXISMAN> ok im anuncing it
MISTERSEXISMAN> on chatrooms
nucky> why arent u in the server

***After i beat him ******

nucky> guy is sayin this isnt u
nucky> bad manner
MISTERSEXISMAN> seems like hes crying
nucky> im not crying
MISTERSEXISMAN> get the fuck outa my face loser
nucky> what are you talkin about well played
nucky> gg
nucky> well played gg
nucky> you are pro
MISTERSEXISMAN> good for u we didnt bet something
nucky> who care
nucky> 5-6 on 15 minutes map
nucky> u are pathetic
MISTERSEXISMAN> you challenge me
MISTERSEXISMAN> and i beat u
nucky> hey
MISTERSEXISMAN> then you cry like a loser
nucky> Can i pick my map?
nucky> hey
nucky> if u win
nucky> i gotto pick
nucky> mine now
MISTERSEXISMAN> sucha crying loser
MISTERSEXISMAN> keep crying baby
nucky> hey i said gg
nucky> can i pick my map now
nucky> or ull hide
MISTERSEXISMAN> i make you eat your words whata fucking LOSER
nucky> didnt knew ur QI was that low
nucky> /ignore on
MISTERSEXISMAN> youre sucha sad clown stupid loser haha
MISTERSEXISMAN> how does it feels?
nucky> thats me
MISTERSEXISMAN> youre on my list now
nucky> nice
MISTERSEXISMAN> beat you like my hooker
MISTERSEXISMAN> piece of scumbag
nucky> thats me
MISTERSEXISMAN> **** doing the chicken dance on your fat face acne holes***
MISTERSEXISMAN> **** doing the chicken dance on your fat face acne holes***
nucky> roger

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