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domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

TSM Humillates Ciro Once Again!! 7 Oficcial match won

Funniest match of the year, this prick wanabe challenge me to an official duel where he pick the first map, Malevolence a map where he camps like a loser and spam with rockets he beat me well in that map something like 4---12. Then i pick my map Liandri Towers where i found the way to beat his very low-skills style of play. I get a victory on here 10---5 then he rage quit cryng about me playing hiding all the map when i was using just strategick.

He rage quit for one time, and i challenge him for a final game on deck 16 the games was tied 1 to 1 until that moment. Like i know it Ciro got no chance on Deck 16 i tell him to stop playing and we forget this match cos i dont wanted to humillate him so bad. Then the match goes on and i got the control of the map with easy but was in the last 2 minutes of the match when i tell him to go out i was leading by 3 frags and the match was almost over. I was typing a lot and the fool gets on my way but he never see me, from the skies i load my missiles weapon and shoot him all on his tucan nouse for the final frag where he rage quit again like a crying baby saying on spanish " Seriously TSM, Youre a fucking garbage as a player" and the Loser Ban me from Latinopug for lifetime according to him.

The belt of mexico is mine once again with only 3 weeks of playing i beat a guy that play almost like 3 years without stop playing. No hard feelings ciro but you will never beat me. Not this life, not in the next one.

Malevolence TSM 4 Ciro 12
Liandri TSM 10 Ciro 5
Deck 16 TSM 8 Ciro 4

When the people start to scream Ole Ole Ole Oleeee Sexiestman Sexiestmaaan at the stadium gives me all the stamina and oxygen to the head to think smarter my plays and score another W. Thanks

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