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Youre a lucky one! u just found out the blog of the greatest Unreal Tournament Player alive. Now that ure here, maybe u want to visit my Personal Museum, or take a look into my Official 1v1 Record, i also make videos from time to time and teach how to become a top competitor of games in my own channel of the internet. Just remember, when i started i didnt know anything about videogames... It Took me only 3 years to become a top so... if you truely want it, you can make it.

viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Tsm Recent Scores

As everybody in the game knows, i just comeback from a 7 months no play break out. Here are some pics from yesterday in mlut where it shows how i save the day again by caping both games at over times. Next time you talk crap in mirc remember youre fucking with a legend and later and sooner i will shut your mouth.

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