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domingo, 5 de junio de 2011


So this piece of shit wanted a piece of my attention, i challenge him to 1 vs 1 retirement match this is what happend:

<%hellrazor> lets see a 1v1 of u beatin me
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> lets end this
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> i dont even play anymore
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> i challenge u
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> to a retirement match
<%hellrazor> yawn
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> want to end your carrer with dignity prick?
<%hellrazor> whats a carrer
* ChanServ sets mode: +l 62
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> your ut carrer
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> yes or no?
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> scared fucking pussy?
<%hellrazor> everytime u say this nonsense u run from server
<%hellrazor> k lets do it dickbreath
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> i have never challenge u to this kind of match
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> but if u lost
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> u gone forever
<%hellrazor> k
<+THEZEXIESTMAN> if i lost i just will no play anymore

We play LIANDRI, a map that he picks... I beat him so bad, that he called me "aliased" player and he dont even accept my victory. This kind of losers make this game so stupid and un-male. So maybe i will stay out for a while again, this is so much pussynes from a guy who is sick obsessed at a videogame that cant even accept the defeat and the bet he put on this duel. Whata fucking pathetic nerdo.

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