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miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Ciro VS TSM 10 Official Match.

Beat ciro on the only map he really can "play".

I say to him on spanish that, hes still to green.
This is the part where he accept hes defeat like a pussy.

Here i say to him that he needs to finish the game, but he put a sad face and say gg.

Then he rage quit, when i ask him to stay he says NOOOOOO JAJAJAJA and rage quit.

Like some people on Mirc says that ciro beat me recently, i decided to challenge him to official match once again. I got to say this, he defeated me one time on deck 16, first and last time he beat me i was playing with touchpad of laptop and 4 specs were spaming me messages all the game. Besides of that, we just play one map so that game cant be considered official.

Como algunos dicen en Mirc, que ciro me vencio. Decidi retarlo para una match oficial. Debo decir que el me vencio una ves en deck 16, primera y ultima ves que lo hizo, ademas que yo estaba jugando con el tocuhpad de laptop y 4 specs me estaban spameando mensajes privados todo el juego. Ademas de eso, solo jugamos un mapa por lo que no puede ser considerado oficial.


Pictures talks by themselves, he lost on his map pick, then we play my map pick and he lost so bad that he rage quit at the middle of the game...

Las fotos hablan por si solas, el perdio en su mapa, despues jugamos mi mapa y el perdio tan mal que hizo rage quit a la mitad del encuentro.

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