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sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

TSM VS YEET The Vengeance of the Heroe

Like everybody knows, im taking down the Mlut players 1 vs 1, i mean this guys are fucking noobs, how pathetic is to lost 20--0 to Xellos on 1 vs 1 liandria tower... Well yes, there u got this guy yeeter was my victim after he beat me for first time an official match 2 years ago.

The first game i was playing good, until he starts to come up with the shit, "Its not u", "Unalias", but then he say he wasent really trying accept hes defeat.

But then again, he started with the same shit.. Coincidence? NO, Lies? YES.

So the first game i beat him so bad he even change his nickname to flux, cos i was calling like that xellos on the last game i saw them play.

I beat him 23 to -13 or something like that, there u got the SS.

I feel bad after defeating like that way to yeet, so second map i connfied myself a lot and start to do piston thricks and campins for a lost 9--10 when actually he runed all the game and was 4 am so i was a little bit tired, anyway, i could beat this punk with easy anytime, anymap anyday, so hes not a treath for me anymore like 2 years ago when he beat me like 30--0.

Good trainings and practices are giving fruits for this draw againts a sad noob no lifer.

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