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martes, 3 de enero de 2012

NFRS vs TSM the Third enccounter

Like everybody knows already, i beat this redneck trailer fuck 1 vs 1 match at his best map... After this, he start to made lot of excuses, he even called me a cheater and that i was using double monitor to play. He was so mad i get banned by tdmpickups (dm channel) by his friend flux with the arguments "When you stop beign a troll u can comeback". This was clearly nfrs instructions after the beat i give to him, i even made a video that proves i have never cheated in this game. U can ask for the full demo, gona upload it on comments... Very sad how this prick cant take defeat haha.

As u remember NFRS beat me first game, then i beat him and in this last game, i beat him again. I have plenty ss of me beating NFRS, u can see in this blog, im a man of honour not like this mafia scumbag lying down in tdmpickupschannel, u got a bad reputation pricks.

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