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jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

nGel Gets beated by TSM TOUCHPAD HAHAHA AND all is recorded in video!!

This stupid wetback challenges me to a match 1 vs 1, he picked the server and the map, at first i refuse to play cos i was using a touchpad and he claims that i was scared. He made me angry and i decide to play againts him using a touchpad from my laptop, cos i didnt have a mouse those days.

I got the full demo, is very funny, i was camping shock in the lifts, and get first frag, then he got the draw very quick, and with a marvelous 1 life time only frag from very far away with green plasmas i got him for the win, after that i start to play like a ninja hiding well and this loser stupid wetback cant refuse the defeat and he rage quit very mad, hahaah we bet in this game that if he loses he quit UT, of course he dont even quit playing one single day but soon he left the speedpug channel for never comeback. Gona upload the full match if time allows me, was a great won.

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