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miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Last TSM, Gamer Equipment... Update

All the people in this business knows that i have been trading my stuff for gameplay a lot, finally it seems like i got the right stuff to play Ut 99 and San Andres multiplayer online.

Here is the list and the characteristics of my latest Equipment:

This was my first PC in the begginins of the year, was a custom pc with Intel Core 3 Procesor, 3.3 ghz, 2 ram ddr3 and this graphics card:

Ati Radeon 6670, ddr5, 1gb... Great Graphix Card.

I used a Generic minilaptop mouses, and a generic shit new keyboard.
For monitor i get Samsung SyncMaster 550v, old crt monitor... belive it or not, the best for play old games including ut.

The score of this pc, for play games like this is a 10, runs to perfection, no dual core troubles at all, too bad i had a crap mouses.

I wanted my xbox 360 back, so i had to trade this great pc and i get a real old computer with one of the cheapest procezors. I got no pics for that pc, but that dinosaur worked real well playing ut and surfin online, too bad is was real old and end up dying in less than 2 weeks.

Finally i get some money and buy a minilap... Big Mistake.

This Minilap was decent, but the procezor cant run ut in the lowest graphics, and gets very slow, besides the small screen was almost imposible to play... i get a new mouse, a big one mouse.. Microsoft Basic Optic Mouse, probably the shitiest mouse ever to play. I score a 6, if u want to play in a minilap u better get a old machine or something bigger.

After this buy i made, i commit another biggest mistake... cos this time i waste lot of money in a big laptop toshiba. The Satellite A215-SP5810 apparently, was big, powerfull, stable and perfect for gaming. Well i ended up with a dual core, slow, big and buggy crap laptop that only good thing about him is his looks.

It has a dual core 64x Athlon procesor, 200 gb, and 1.5 of ram... the procesor AMD is well know to have troubles with UT, it doesnt works at 100% even if u use that dual core fixes out there... the worst experience ever was in this laptop, even the minilaptop acer runs the game better, i did apply the patch, but still i was geting spikes and stuff... so i was very mad and trade this laptop in 2 days.

This pc, from outside looks real ugly but inside got the magick... has a procesor of dual core 2.50 E5200 Intel, graphic card msi n460gtx hawk 1gb ddr5, 3 gb ram ddr2 and 500 gb... besides of this, i get a decent logitech mouses, a genius old school keyboard and i keep my samsung syncmaster 550v. The results of this new pc are amagazing, in only 2 days of test. I think i got the best pc gaming stuff in all the history and im prepared to conquest the place number 1 of the world now.

and the best of all is that Still i got my xbox =)

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