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jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012


Like everybody knows TRAV has been in the shoes of tsm lately, i defeated him first official match, then we play again and he won...

Games was draw.

Yesterday night was the day of the defeat for TRAV, in a solid 3 maps duel were TSM gets 2 for the victory and surprisilin trav takes the liandria towers of tsm by 8 frags.

Travis didnt finish a map were he loses, he rage quited and even typekilled like a cowardo.

TSM put an end to this millienary fight between a 12 years old experience player TRAV and a  3 years old fresh lion called THESEXIESTMAN.

The end was the funniest, when TRAV tried to typekill TSM at the deck 16 pits and he ends up SUICIDING and then makin a very gay rage quit. Specs see him loses, now the *book is really closed*

By the way TRAV after the match started to talk shit as usual in the channels of mirc, then i found out hes a very insecure guy usin hats all the times he goes out to the streets. U can see a pic of him 10 years older and he is usin the HAT with the same LOGO. i found that very weirdo and creepy.

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