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lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

Timtim The Asssassin of Unreal Tournament.

Timtim make some capital sins and he deserve to be banished from the channels of IRC. 

Here is the list of the chaos timothy does to this game when he shows up hes freckle face from the first day:

1.- He killed TDMPICKUPS Pug.

2.- He give fake hopes to people all around the world with nn.

3.- He divided the strong big latino comunity, and let the chileans make hes own channel using hes code and Teamspeak. (While they can fill the pugs very easy).

4.- He warned and told ciro to shut down #wawapug when it was very active, cos suposedly everybody was gona play on the new channel.

5.- He ignores the people that plays this game before he was born, so the biggest community didnt take him seriously.

6.- He becomes a prepotent arrogant geek, that only opinion who cares and matters is hes own.

7.- He let ciro re-open hes channel Killing both again, wawapug and upug, when i tell him to ban him from the first day that he scream about hes evil plan.

8.- No more reg weapons pug, not even with nn.

9.- Death comunity, death game.

10.- He lives in world of lies, the messiah of UT, he says he gona do something like UT Live and is gona be more popular than Call of duty. I think he lost hes mind already, that guy need a life ban from all the places close to this game.

Sadly all this because of the bad choices of Timothy. 

4 comentarios:

  1. The only messiah of UT will be TSM, the most famous UT player of all histories who even rage quit nfrs

  2. TSM friend the family is in big troubles without you even Brockly thinks he's gonna be some leader of the house.

  3. timoty is a real spic of shit jajaja