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lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Finally a new ut is coming... TSM returning.

Surprising news, sadly this new game looks more like ut2k4... Everybody knows UT99 is the classic one, and 2k4 is a piece of shit game compared to the original.

Anyway, is very probably il play it and find a good place in the competitive marketing.

Like UT99 was already killed by Timtim, i have been traveling all over the world and having fun. But with this announcement I obviously will comeback soon...

This is a mix of pics of places i have been...

Here u got some mexican tacos, but this tacos are special cos they are made of tongue... yes tongue of a cow. I take this shoot in my new apartment.

 This shoot was taken like 1 month ago in Mexico festival: Vive Latino, where Nine inch nails played the main event... So fuckin marvelous.

I take this pic today, i buy this drank and lots of more in the festival of alcohol in mexico today... This thing called TORO (Bull) is an expensive spaniardo drink  made of coke and red wine. Is very rare to get this stuff in mexico...

 Last but not least... This pic was taken 2 weeks ago in another good restaurant in mexico where i decided to go all america by ordering: Cream of zanahories, Wings with buffalo salsas, and BB king Ribs. I finish all my foods by the way... even a cake of oreos.
I have lots of more pics, but as can u see i have been bussy living like a king.

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